Thursday, 28 February 2013


Refuge is a place or state of safety. It may also refer to a more specific meaning:
Ø  Area of refuge, a location in a building that may be used by occupants in the event of a fire
Ø  Mountain hut, a shelter for travelers in mountainous areas, often remote
Ø  Women's refuge, another term for women's shelter
Ø  Refuge (United Kingdom charity), a British charity for female victims of domestic violence
Ø  A place intended to shelter cultural property, in the context of the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict
Ø  Wildlife refuge, a sanctuary or protected area for wildlife
Ø  Refuge (population biology), a location of an isolated or relict population of a previously more widespread species
Ø  A controversial evangelical Christian "ex-gay" conversion therapy program for homosexual teenagers run by Love In Action
Ø  Refuge (Buddhism), the basis of being a Buddhist
Ø  Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place, a book by Terry Tempest Williams
Ø  Refuge Records, a record label in the 1980s
Ø  An 1999 episode of the TV series Law & Order
Ø  Isaac Asimov's Robot City: Refuge, a 1988 novel by Rob Chilson
Ø  "The Refuge" (The Outer Limits), an episode of the television series
Ø  Refuge crop, a non-genetically modified food crop planted alongside a genetically modified one to prevent or slow the development of predators resistant to its modified properties by purposely encouraging the mating of species across said crops
Ø  The Refuge (film), a 2009 French drama directed by François Ozon
Ø  Right of asylum, protection of a person persecuted for political or religious beliefs by another sovereign authority
Ø  Refuge (ecology), a place where an organism can escape from predation
Ø  Refuge (EP), an EP by german heavy metal band Rage